Definition of a Freemason

It you see a man who quietly and modestly moves in the sphere of his life; who, without blemish, fulfils his duty as a man a subject, a husband and a father; who is pious without hypocrisy, benevolent without ostentation, and aids his fellowman without self-interest; whose heart beats warm for friendship. whose serene mind is open for licensed pleasures, who in vicissitudes does not despair, nor in fortune will be presumptuous, and who will be resolute in the hour of danger;  

The man who is free from superstition and free from infidelity; who in nature sees the finger of the Eternal Master; who feels and adores the higher destination of man; to whom faith, hope and charity are not mere words without any meaning; to whom property, nay, even life, is not too dear for the protection of innocence and virtue, and for the defence of truth;  

The man who towards himself is a severe judge, but who is tolerant with the debilities of his neighbour; who endeavours to oppose errors without arrogance, and to promote intelligence without impatience; who properly understands how to estimate and employ his means; who honours virtue, though it be in the most humble garment, and who does not favour vice though it be clad in purple; and who administers justice to merit whether dwelling in palaces or cottages;  

The man who, without courting applause, is loved by all noble-minded men, respected by his superiors and revered by his subordinates; the man who never proclaims what he has done, can do, or will do, but where need is will lay hold with dispassionate courage, circumspect resolution, indefatigable exertion and a rare power of mind, and who will not cease until he has accomplished his work, and who then, without pretension, will retire into the multitude because he did the good act, not for himself, but for the cause of good!  

If you, my brethren meet such a man, you will see the personification of brotherly love, relief and truth; and you will have found the ideal of a freemason

Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon

Grand Master 2004 -2005    

 Most Worshipful Master William Unrau


Grand Secretary   

 Most Worshipful Brother James C. Gordon


District Officers District #5

D.D.G.M.    Rt. Wor.Bro. John McIntosh


Manoah Lodge No. 141 Officers 2005 -2006

Worshipful Master Wor. Bro. John McDowall Senior Warden V. Wor. Bro. Les Robinson 
Junior Warden R.W.Bro.Ray Vose  Immediate Past Master  V. Wor. Bro. Basil R. Hobbs  
Secretary V.W.Bro. David Crawford Treasurer Wor. Bro. Peter Mately
Senior Deacon Rt. Wor. Bro. John McIntosh Junior Deacon Wor. Bro. Norm.Ryder
Inner Guard Bro. James Wilson Tyler Bro. David Bond  
Education Officer Bro. Ken Littley Historian Wor. Bro. Peter Mately
Director of Ceremonies R.W.Bro Sandy Henry

Some of the Charitable Work of Manoah Lodge

Who are we

During the last few years Manoah Lodge has made significant contributions to to Grand Lodge of BC and Yukon Cancer Car Project

Health Care in the Community

Education in the Community

Scholarships two $1000 scholarships to a Tofino student, two $1000 scholarships to a Ucluelet student, and one $500 scholarship to a student of the Ucluelet Senior Secondary School Scholarship Committee's choice