Freemasons in good standing are always welcome to visit Manoah Lodge No. 141 and to affiliate with Manoah Lodge, No. 141.

Manoah Lodge, No. 141 also welcomes suitable new candidates for initiation into Freemasonry in general and into Manoah Lodge, No. 141 in particular.

For those prospective members who are not currently Freemasons, we recommend you do some basic research on Freemasonry before making your Petition for Initiation.

To start with, here is a short video from the Grand Lodge of Maryland which explains the basic ideas of Freemasonry quite well:

To assist your research further, here are some web pages on the Grand Lodge of BC & Yukon website on Becoming A Freemason, An Introduction to the History of Freemasonry, a number of Essays and Papers on Masonic topics, some biographies of well known Freemasons and famous Freemasons and links to other websites which may be useful to your research into Freemasonry.

For additional information, please see our Becoming A Freemason page on this site.

For those not familiar with the location of the our Lodge Hall, here is a map:

We are also developing a list of Suggested Readings which may assist you. We will start putting these on the website in the near future.

Freemasonry has a long and honourable history on Vancouver Island. For those interested in this history, Temple Lodge, No. 33 in Duncan, B.C. maintains the Vancouver Island Masonic History Project, an effort to document the many contributions Freemasons and Freemasonry have made to Vancouver Island since the first Masonic Lodge was formed in Victoria in 1858. We encourage you check out the Vancouver Island Masonic History Project, as part of your research onto Freemasonry.

We will be adding pages on past members and on Freemasonry in Tofino and Uclulet as we develop this website.

Prospective members who are already Freemasons and who may wish to affiliate with Manoah Lodge, No. 141 should contact our Lodge Secretary, John McIntosh. We welcome all Brethren in good standing who wish to affiliate with Manoah Lodge, No. 141. Any Brethren in good standing who have moved to Vancouver Island from other parts of B.C. or from other Masonic jurisdictions are always welcome as visitors to Manoah Lodge, No. 141.

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