A Visit From Ontario Brethren – February 2018

Dear Brethren,

We recently received a communication from WB Davidson Tate, WM of Ionic Lodge No. 25 in Ontario, saying that he would like to meet with as many of the Brethren of Manoah Lodge who were available on Saturday, February 10th.  WB Tate is the Cousin of Bro. Sandy McRuer of Barclay Lodge  No. 90.

Accordingly, RWB Sandy Henry, VWB Morris Soer, Bro. Myles Morrison and RWB John McIntosh arranged to meet with WB Tate for lunch at Gary’s Kitchen, in our Lodge building.   And, happily, we were joined by WB Michael Barlett of Corona Lodge No. 454 in Burks Falls Ontario, who has recently moved to the West Coast, where he is building a house in Ucluelet.  Although Bro. George Smith was unable to leave the helm at the Tofino Pharmacy, we were able to visit with him at his store after going up to the Lodge room for a tour and photo opportunity (see attached). WB Michael Barlett is looking forward to joining Manoah Lodge.  It was a warm and enjoyable gathering in the best traditions of our fraternity.

Fraternal best wishes,

John McIntosh
Manoah Lodge No. 141

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