Manoah Lodge No. 141 Benevolent Donation

Dear Brethren,

Back in the fall of 2019, we made a local benevolent donation to one of our few local troll fishermen to enable him to travel to Victoria for a long and periodic series of cancer treatments. You may recall my reporting the following spring on his elderly mother, Mary, being awarded the Oueen’s Volunteer Medal for her years of selfless service to the community. The Ucluelet town Council Chambers were packed to overflowing for that happy event. (See video below)

You will be pleased to know that I heard from my old friend, Mary Christmas (yes, the name she was given at birth), who has, herself been named Volunteer of the Year more than once, that Doug’s cancer has gone into remission thanks to the series of treatments that our benevolence enabled.

Manoah Lodge No. 141 has the deep and lasting gratitude of the Kimoto family and their many friends and admirers in our small and close-knit community.

Fraternal best wishes,
John McIntosh, Secretary
Manoah Lodge No. 141

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